New Launch: Odia Panjika by Jantra Jyotisha for 2017-2018

Jantrajyotisha has published their Siddha Mangala Odia Panjika. The Odia Panjika provides all the calculations about sunrise, sunset, moon rise, moon set along with daily panchang. Odia panjika helps in deciding auspicious dates and times. Along with daily panchang the panjika provides with dates and precise times of all the odia festivals and brats.

You can also find the dates for marriage, griha pravesh, bratopanayan, griha pratistha, bidyarambha and many more auspicious works. Odia Panjika also provides with puskara dosha calculation for a particular time taking tithi dosha, bara dosha and nakshytra dosha into consideration.

Odia panji is most important for making new jataka for a new born baby. It provides with the tithi, nakhyatra, joga, karana and more about the time while making a jataka. Main thing in a janma patrika is planetary positions which is there in the odia panjika to make lagna kundali. The Panjika 2018 in Odia helps in caluclation of mahadasha, antar dasha and prtyantara dasha according to birth time.

Odia Panjika by Jantra Jyotisha

About Odia Panji

Odia people mostly use 6 odia panjis. Those are Madala panji, Asali Khadiratna panji, Kohinoor Press Panji, Gaudiya Vishnava Panjika, Biraja panji, Bagyadaya Panji. The madala panji is the first regional panjika of India.

Hindus consider Panjika as an Astronomical Almanac. According to the Odia Panji, Odia New year starts on Maha Vishubha Pana Sankranti or Mesha Sankranti which falls on English month of April every year. The most important use of odia panjika for Odia people is for deciding the auspicious dates and times. For vrat, rituals, festivals, thread ceremony, marriage, griha pravesh and more.


Calculations for Siddha Mangala Odia Panjika

Our Siddha Managala Odia Panji gives correct and accurate calculations for dates and times of festivals and rituals. Palaka Samachara is there to get information about sambastara and deba mandala. Profit and loss calculations for 12 rashis according to ashtottori and vimshottori. Vivaha melaka calculation with nadi, barnna, gana, barga, satru mitra, and madala all these details. It also provides date and times of Solar eclipse and lunar eclipse with detailed time for sparsha, madhya and moksh.

Accurate calculation for subha samaya, asubha samaya, rahu kala, kala bela, bara bela is done on the basis of weekdays, sunrise, sunset, tithi and nakhshyatra. Asali Khadiratna Odia panji gives calculations for transit of planets. Guru gochar, shukra gochara, buddha gochara, mangala gochara, shani gochara, surya gochara, rahu gochara. All the planet transit and their effects on twelve zodiac signs.

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