Fouad WhatsApp by Fouad Mokdad – Exciting WhatsApp PRIVACY Mods

The WhatsApp Mods have set a trend for all youth WhatsApp lovers. Everyone is looking for some extra customization in WhatsApp. As there are many developers coming with their WhatsApp Mods. Every WhatsApp modified app comes with their exclusive customization. Be it privacy mods or design, once you use, you won’t wish to come back to Official WhatsApp. One among the rising Mods is the Fouad WhatsApp.

Fouad Mokdad has developed this beautiful modified WhatsApp app. Yes, the Fouad WhatsApp is a material-designed mod. It has got a ton of premium features that you won’t get in the popular messenger app. Anyone running the Fouad Mod app can enjoy many customizations, themes, tick styles, app lock, chat locks and more. One of the key excitements of this app is its Privacy settings. Seriously, there are many options that will blow your mind if you have never used any WhatsApp modded APK.

Be it hiding blue ticks or password lock chats, Fouad WhatsApp will give you WOW feeling. You just need to download and install it on phone to get started. Let’s proceed and find out more about it.


What are its Main Pro Features?

  • Show Online and Last Seen on the main screen
  • Hide Last seen option for all (without deactivating for you)
  • YoThemes Store with 1000+ beautiful themes
  • Pick from more than 20 Ticks and Bubbles styles
  • Send video files with size up to 1GB
  • Increase limit of status field up to 250 characters
  • Tap and get anyone’s status copied
  • App Lock, Conversation Lock
  • Many emoji styles and much more.


Why use Fouad WhatsApp with/without Official WhatsApp?

We don’t recommend you to uninstall official WhatsApp and run the Fouad Mod WhatsApp. It is best to use the Fouad WhatsApp with Official WhatsApp. You can use it for the primary or secondary account. It’s your choice.

But, if we look into features and customization, there is no second thought for use Fouad WhatsApp over the official one. The premium and beta features make it so exciting. So, there is no harm in using it with or without the default WhatsApp. If you want to keep the Fouad WhatsApp along with the default one, then it is the best app to work as 2nd WhatsApp.


How to run Fouad WhatsApp on Android (get started)

#1 step – Download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp Apk file.

#2 step – Then, enable “Unknown Sources” option in your Mobile Settings.

#3 step – Now install the Fouad Mod APK file downloaded previously.

#4 step – Open the app and create an account as you do in the Official WhatsApp. Verify and run the Fouad WhatsApp. Enjoy!


Here is one screenshot of changing the emoji variant:


Key Privacy Mods in Fouad WhatsApp

  1. Show Blue Ticks after reply (Fouad Mods > Privacy)
  2. All custom privacy settings shortcut (YoMods > Privacy > Custom Privacy)
  3. Hide Blue Ticks and Grey ticks
  4. Hide Online and Last Seen
  5. Calls Privacy – select who can call you (Fouad Mods > Privacy > Incoming Calls)
  6. Conversation/Chat Lock and much more!


There are a couple of alternatives to the Fouad WhatsApp. One is the YoWhatsApp which Fouad Mokdad is using as the base. Other WhatsApp MODs like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp are also good. But, the Fouad WhatsApp shines above all because of its regular updates and stable version. So, give it a try now and explore many premium customizations on WhatsApp.

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